Processing contract

Processing contract

This Processing Contract is an amendment to the Terms and Conditions between Pixal, s.r.o., Company ID: 46263659 and the User.

Definition of Fundamental Terms

1.1. Definition of Fundamental Terms

- „Provider“ – this is Pixal, s.r.o., which operates the Koloo service and owns the copyright to the service.

- „User“ – this is a person or a company that uses the Koloo service.

- „Service“ – this is the Koloo service, created and operated by the Provider.

1.2. This Processing Contract defines the method of processing personal data of the Users' business partners in accordance with the GDPR requirements.

1.3. In relation to the personal data of the User’s business partners, the Provider is the processor and the User is the administrator of these data.

1.4. The Provider is not entitled to process personal data in contradiction to or beyond the limits set by these Terms and Conditions without direct special consent of the User.

What data the Provider processes

2.1. The Provider undertakes to process personal data for the User in order to provide the Koloo service as well as support for the User in using the application within the scope of common personal data. Processing of special data under Article 9 of the GDPR is prohibited within the Service.

2.2. Users provide the following personal data within the Koloo service:

  • Name, surname
  • Billing address – street, city, ZIP code, country
  • Business information – Company ID, Tax ID (and others, depending on the country)
  • Contact data – E-mail, telephone number, website
  • WebInvoice – IP Addresses
  • Access password

What the Provider does with the data and how he processes it

3.1. Personal data are processed for the purpose of performing any activities necessary for the provision of the Service (including, for example, support).

3.2. The Provider undertakes to process personal data for the User to the extent and for the purpose specified in Article 3.1 of these Terms and Conditions. In processing personal data, the Provider shall collect, save, store, and delete these data.

3.3. The User grants the Provider the permission to involve another processor of personal data (a third party) in the processing. The Provider shall impose the same data protection obligations as those set out in these Terms and Conditions on his subcontractors who will act as personal data processors.

3.4. The Provider undertakes that the processing of personal data will only be done as follows:

  • The Provider has adopted and will maintain technical and organizational measures appropriate for the level of risk, so as to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to, alteration, destruction or loss of data, as well as their unauthorized transmission, other unauthorized processing, and misuse.
  • Persons authorised by the Provider to process personal data under these conditions are obliged to maintain confidentiality in relation to personal data and security measures, as their disclosure could jeopardize their security. The Provider shall ensure their demonstrable commitment to this obligation. The Provider shall ensure that this obligation of a third-party data processor remains valid even after the termination of their employment or other relationship with the Provider.
  • The Provider shall provide the User with all information necessary to prove that the obligations under this Agreement and the GDPR have been met.

The right of the User to export data

4.1. The user has the right to export documents related to financial relations with Koloo (e.g. invoices) at any time.

4.2. If the User has a list of e-mail addresses of customers or other data (names, surnames), they have the possibility to export this data and are then responsible for their subsequent use.

4.3. The User may request the export of additional data from their account, but the Provider shall be entitled to charge a price corresponding to the time spent on this task as well as to other costs associated with it.

Deletion of Data

5.1. User account data are deleted within 15 days of termination of service provision.

5.2. The Provider shall delete the User's account data within 15 days of the deletion of their account.

5.3. The Provider shall delete Service activity logs, which may also contain the User’s activity logs in their account, within 1 year of the deletion of the User’s account.


6.1. The User undertakes to report without delay all circumstances known to them which could adversely affect the proper and timely fulfilment of obligations arising from these Terms and Conditions and to provide the Provider with the assistance necessary for the fulfilment of these Terms and Conditions.

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