Personal data protection

Personal data protection

Personal Data Protection Statement

Pixal, s.r.o., registered office: Sv. Quirina 1503/5, 050 01 Revúca, Company ID: 46263659, Tax ID: 2023314359, which develops, operates and provides services related to the Koloo widget through the website (or,, ) declares that all personal data of users and visitors are considered confidential and are handled in accordance with Act no. 18/2018 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data and on amendments to certain laws. We shall not disclose any personal data of our users and customers to third parties.

Where are personal data stored?

The personal data of users and visitors are stored centrally on servers located in the territory of the Slovak Republic, which is a member of the European Union. Therefore, the data neither leave nor are stored outside of the territory of the European Union. The servers on which the data are stored are located in the data centre of Websupport, s.r.o., Company ID: 36421928. More information about the data centre can be found here:

What personal data do we collect?

Pixal, s.r.o. reserves the right, but is not required, to collect the following data. All of the data listed below are considered confidential and are subject to these Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Protection.

  1. Personal data of Pixal, s.r.o. users: These are the users who have registered in order to use the Koloo service. The registration form requires the person’s or company’s name, e-mail address, website, and telephone number. After logging into their account at,, or, the user may change or amend these data. If the user decides to purchase a paid version of the Koloo product, their billing information (company name, registered office address, Company ID, Tax number / VAT number) are also required for the purposes of placing the order.
  2. Personal data of visitors: Visitors to,,, or other websites where Koloo is located can enter their personal information into the Koloo service.

    If a visitor provides their data on a user's website, this creates a relationship between the visitor and the user. The user may treat the personal data of the visitor according to their own privacy policy.
    It is the responsibility of the user to manage the data obtained from the Koloo service and therefore it is also their responsibility to comply with the applicable personal data protection laws.
  3. Technical data: Certain technical data about the users and visitors, such as their IP addresses, browser type, operating system type, approximate location, etc., can be automatically acquired and collected by the Koloo service.

How are personal data protected?

The Koloo service protects users' personal data to modern industry standards. The websites,, and are protected by SSL/TLS encryption (secure sockets layer/ transport layer security). Personal data are stored on the servers of Websupport, s.r.o., which meets the TIER 3+ standard.

Editing and accessing personal data by the user is only possible once the user has logged into their Koloo account. To log in, you need to know your login e-mail and password. The login process, as well as your entire account and personal data associated with it, is protected by SSL/TLS encryption.

How do we use cookies?

When using Koloo services and products, temporary files, also known as cookies, can be stored. Koloo does not store any personal data in cookies. The data stored in cookies are used solely for the purposes of the functioning of the Koloo service.

When processing cookies, Pixal, s.r.o. proceeds in accordance with the relevant legal regulations of the European Union and the Slovak Republic.

A visitor can avoid the storing of cookies by opening the Koloo websites in incognito mode. The incognito mode is supported by all modern Internet browsers and cookies are not stored in this mode.

If you use the incognito mode in your browser, it is possible that the full functionality of the Koloo product will not be achieved and its use may result in a non-standard behaviour.

How to edit and delete personal data?

After logging into their account at,, or, a user may change and delete any of their personal data. Deleting one’s account is permanent. The visitor may be asked to identify themselves to verify that the personal data are truly theirs.

General Terms and Conditions

The use of the Koloo services is governed by the General Terms and Conditions, which can be found at

Final Provisions

Pixal, s.r.o. reserves the right to modify this document on Personal Data Protection as well as the General Terms and Conditions without any prior notice.

Users and visitors can always find the current version of the General Terms and Conditions as well as the current information on Personal Data Protection at,, and

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